Meet Our Founders

Marie Casanova Rajsfus & Jonathan Bertrand: The Perfect Harmony between Concierge Services and Travel Expertise.

At the heart of Apogee Luxury Travel beats the harmonious collaboration between Marie Casanova Rajsfus and Jonathan Bertrand. Together, they embody the essence of our slogan, "The Art of Travel," through exclusive service offerings designed for lovers of luxury and unforgettable experiences.

Marie Casanova Rajsfus, with over 20 years of experience in the luxury travel sector, is the visionary behind the design of our bespoke itineraries. Her passion for exploration and unparalleled expertise in creating exceptional journeys ensure that each destination unveils its most precious secrets to our clients.

Jonathan Bertrand, bringing 10 years of experience in high-level concierge services, perfectly complements Marie's offerings. As the head of services and concierge, he ensures that every aspect of your journey is impeccably orchestrated, from exclusive bookings to personalized experiences, making every moment an unmatched perfection.

The Partnership of Marie and Jonathan: a synergy where expertise meets excellence, transforming each journey into a masterpiece. Together, they form a dynamic duo, dedicated to surpassing the expectations of the most demanding travelers in search of luxurious and tailor-made adventures.

Our Story

Behind every explored destination, every flawlessly rendered service, lies our story - that of a meeting between two travel enthusiasts, Marie and Jonathan, whose distinct paths united to redefine excellence in luxury travel.

Apogee Luxury Travel's adventure began with a shared vision: to offer a transcendent travel experience where luxury, personalization, and attention to detail create indelible memories. This vision, fueled by Marie and Jonathan's combined 30 years of experience, has become our mission: to transform the act of traveling into an art.

Who Are We?

We are your travel craftsmen, your curators of unique experiences, driven by a passion for excellence and a love for detail. Marie, with her eye for the extraordinary, and Jonathan, with his quest for perfection in service, invite each of our clients to embark on a journey where luxury and exclusivity open the doors to a world unlike any other.

At Apogee Luxury Travel, every journey is a work of art, carefully shaped by Marie and Jonathan, for you.

Discover with us the art of travel.